Erik Flemington




Erik Flemington(erik at tulane dot edu)

Erik is the Principal Investigator of the Flemington Lab, Professor of Pathology, and Zimmerman Professor of Cancer Research at Tulane University School of Medicine. He is also Program Leader in the Cancer Genetics Program and Director of the Tulane Cancer Center Next Generation Sequence Analysis Core.  Erik likes to drink coffee, boss people around, and send very early morning emails to his team.


Claire Roberts(cfewell at tulane dot edu)

Lab Manager

Xia Wang(xwang4 at tulane dot edu)

Medical Research Specialist

Monica Cordora, Postdoctoral Fellow

Monica Concha(mconcha at tulane dot edu)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Nate Ungerleider, Postdoctoral Fellow/Assistant Director TCCNGS Analysis Core

Nate Ungerleider(nungerle at tulane dot edu)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Asst. Director, TCCNGS Analysis Core

Yi Yu, Graduate Student

Yi Yu(yyu5 at tulane dot edu)

Graduate Student

Melody Baddoo, Senior Research Scientist/Assistant Director, TCCNGS Analysis Core

Melody Baddoo(mbaddoo at tulane dot edu)

Senior Research Scientist

Asst. Director, TCCNGS Analysis Core